Judge Mr J Robinson

Class 125 Any other vegetable, not specified
Class 126 Plate of 4 white potatoes
Class 127 Plate of 4 coloured potatoes
Class 128 Plate of 6 runner beans
Class 129 Plate of 5 tomatoes
Class 130 6 Pods of broad beans
Class 131 Plate of 6 pods of green peas
Class 132 A lettuce, any variety (to be shown with clean roots)
Class 133 Plate of 6 shallots
Class 134 A cucumber
Class 135 A culinary cabbage (to be shown with clean roots)
Class 136 3 beetroot (with 4” tops)
Class 137 3 sticks of rhubarb
Class 138 3 onions under 250g (9 oz) each (to be tied with raffia)
Class 139 Collection of not less than 4 kinds of vegetable
(space allowed 20” wide raised or built up)
Class 140 A plate of soft fruit
Class 141 A chilli plant in a pot
Garnishing of Vegetables is permitted