1. Intending exhibitors must complete the appropriate stand application form and forward it to the secretary together with the appropriate stand fee.
  2. Applications for space shall be dealt with by the show committee at their discretion and they shall determine the area and position on the showground and each exhibitor shall strictly confine to the space allotted and paid for.  The show committee reserves the right to adjust the frontage and depth of the stand application, while retaining the same area paid for.
  3. Exhibitors are not to sub-let any portion of the space allotted and to conform to the showground plan in relation to the position of the avenues. Any exhibitor moving from the space allotted, or dividing the stand without permission of the field manager, will be requested to leave the showground and forfeit all fees paid.
  4. Exhibitors will be allocated free gate passes to the show, two per stand. Tickets are not transferable.
  5. All persons who have booked stand space and fail for any reason to exhibit shall forfeit all fees and charges in making their entry.
  6. The staging of all stands MUST be complete by 9.00am on show day. After which time, no motor vehicles may remain on the showground, (unless it forms part of the exhibit during the time the show is open), and must be moved to the parking area. There is to be no vehicular movement on the field between the hours of 10am and 4pm. No vehicle to be driven at more than 10 miles per hour.
  7. No turf shall be lifted by the exhibitor except where absolutely necessary for the display of the exhibit.  The cost to reinstating and making good must be defrayed by the exhibitor.
  8. The sale of goods by shouting, loud hailers, including P.A. equipment or other annoying behaviours is forbidden. No cheap jacks, hawkers or mock-auctioneers shall be allowed to rent space. Offending exhibitors shall be removed from the showground.
  9. In the interest of all stall-holders and the general public, where miscellaneous articles are for sale this must be stated on the application form, and full name and address displayed on the stand.
  10. Other than the press, only authorised photographers bearing signed authority of the secretary shall be allowed to take photographs, and canvassing for such orders is prohibited.
  11. The society, through its secretary or show directors shall have full and free right to refuse any application, to cancel any entry after being made and accepted, to refuse admission to the showground any proposed exhibit and/or order to be removed at the expense of the owner thereof any exhibit which has been admitted to the showground.  There shall be no obligation upon the show committee to make or offer any explanation or reason for such action, and the show committee shall not incur any liability or responsibility in this matter.
  12. The North Lonsdale Agricultural Society, its officers or servants shall not be responsible for any accident, damage or loss however caused, that may occur to any exhibitor, or his servant or to any article, animal or property brought to the showground, or while entering or leaving the showground.
  13. Each exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may be done to, or occasioned by, arising from, any machinery or other article or property exhibited, distributed or sold by him/her, and it is a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall indemnify the society and hold harmless from and against all actions suits expenses and claims on account of such loss damage or injury.
  14. All exhibitors whether trade or otherwise must be fully insured against third party and public liability risks, evidence of which must be produced at the request of any officers of the society or the show director.
  15. All exhibitors must comply with current Health & Safety, Trading Standards and Environmental Health Legislation, including C.O.S.H., Food Hygiene, I.E.E. regulations governing electrical equipment etc. The show safety officer has full powers to ensure ALL exhibitors act in a safe and proper manner whilst on the showground. All stand exhibitors are required to carry out their own risk assessment, and should be willing to show a copy to the show health and safety officer if required.
  16. Please note all catering is offered for tender and additional stands will not be allocated space without discussion with the secretary and management committee first.