Sheep Categories


Judging will commence at 10.15 am


Best Turned Out Lamb

Judge               Mr F Gate

Judging after Class 23, to be shown haltered


Class 30                                 Best Turned Out Lamb and handler

Lamb to be born after the 1st January 2016

Handler to be under Fourteen years old on Show Day

Lamb not to be shown in any other class.


Trophy S1                   Sawrey Cup

Best Turned Out Lamb – Class 30

Bluefaced Leicester                                                                                                         

Judge   Mr G Inman


Class 31                       Ram                 Aged

Class 32                       Ram                 Lamb

Class 33                       Ewe or Shearling Ewe

Class 34                       Ewe                 Lamb

Trophy S2                   Willman Farm Supplies Trophy

                                    Champion Bluefaced Leicester



Judge                           Mr A Park


Class 35                       Ram                 Aged

Class 36                       Ram                 Lamb

Class 37                       Ewe or Shearling Ewe

Class 38                       Ewe                 Lamb

Trophy S3                   John Jackson Trophy

                                    Champion Suffolk



Judge               Mr J Robinson


Class 43                       Ram                 Two shear and upward

Class 44                       Ram                 Shearling

Class 45                       Ram                 Lamb

Class 46                       Ewe                 Two shear and upward having sucked a lamb in 2016

Class 47                       Ewe                 Shearling

Class 48                       Ewe                 Lamb

Trophy S6                   Briton Motors Trophy

                                    Champion Texel


Rare and Minority Breeds                                                                                             

Judge               Mr M Proctor


Class 49                       Ram                 Aged

Class 50                       Ewe or Shearling

Class 51                       Ram                 Lamb

Class 52                       Ewe                 Lamb

Trophy S7                   Society’s Trophy

Champion Rare and Minority Breeds




Judge               Mrs H V Higginson

The Jacob Sheep Society will issue a Champion Rosette

All Sheep to be shown to the Breed Society Rules

Class 53                       Ram                 Aged

Class 54                       Ram                 Lamb

Class 55                       Ewe or Shearling

Class 56                       Ewe                 Lamb

Trophy S8                   Furness Brick and Tile Trophy

Champion Jacob



Judge               M/s J Hall

Class 57                       Ram                 Aged

Class 58                       Ram                 Lamb

Class 59                       Ewe or Shearling

Class 60                       Ewe                 Lamb

Trophy S15                 Champion Beltex


Any Other Pure Breed                                                                                                    

Judge Mr & Mrs S Garnett

Class 61                       Ram                 Any age

Class 62                       Ram                 Lamb

Class 63                       Ewe                 Any age

Class 64                       Ewe                 Lamb

Trophy S9                   Cumbria Agricultural Services Trophy

Champion Any other pure breed

Crossbred Pairs                                                                                                                 

Judge               Mr & Mrs S Garnett

To be judged in the pen

Class 65                       Best pair of shearlings

Class 66                       Best pair of ewe lambs

Trophy S14                 West Cumberland Farmers Perpetual Challenge Cup

Best Crossbred pair



Judge               Mr R Mason


Class 67                       Ram

Class 68                       Ram      Lamb

Class 69       Ewe or Shearling Ewe

Class 70                       Ewe     Lamb

Trophy S        


Fat Lambs                                                                                                                            

Judge               Mr A Park

Class 71           Pen of four Butchers Lambs

Trophy S10                 Ulverston Auction Mart Plc Perpetual Challenge Cup

Best pen of four Butchers Lambs

Trophy S11                 E L Hartley Perpetual Challenge Cup

Champion animal in the Sheep Classes

Trophy S12                 Charles Leece Trophy

Best animal opposite Sex to the Champion

Trophy S13                 R L Park Perpetual Challenge Cup

Best pair male and female, any Breed

The property of the Exhibitor

Special I                                  Mineral Blocks kindly sponsored by Kayphos

Champion in the Sheep Classes

Special J                                  Mineral Blocks kindly sponsored by Kayphos

Reserve Champion in the Sheep Classes