Notice to Poultry Exhibitors

1. All monies to accompany entries, this rule will be strictly adhered to.
2. All birds are to be penned by 9.45 am on Show Day
3. Judging to start at 10 am prompt.
4. No exhibits are to leave before 4.00 pm
5. The Committee can assure exhibitors that the greatest care will be taken of all exhibits by the Stewards, but it must be distinctly understood that the Committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any exhibit arising from accident or other cause.
6. Judges decision is final.
7. Male and female to mean birds of any age unless otherwise stated.
8. Pen numbers will be given out on arrival at show.
9. Exhibitors will be responsible for the welfare of their own birds.
10. Juveniles to be under 16 years of age.
11. All exhibitors entering 8 birds or more will be given an admittance ticket if a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed with the entry.
12. Car parking for poultry exhibitors will be made available.
13. The Secretary reserves the right, if a judge is ill or under any other circumstances, to engage an additional judge.
14. No notice of any description can be placed over the exhibits except with the sanction of the Steward.
15. All prize money to be collected from the Marquee on the day of the show. If not collected it will be treated as a donation to the show.
16. Any specials will be greatly appreciated and will appear in the catalogue.
17. Entry Fee: £1 for Hens or 50p for Eggs
18. Prize Money: £4 for 1st £3 for 2nd £2 for 3rd
19. All cheques to be made payable to North Lonsdale Agricultural Society.