Notice to Marquee Exhibitors

1. All classes are open to the U.K.

2. Maximum of two entries per class.

3. Ages refer to age of exhibitor on the date of the Show.

4. Ages to be displayed on the outside of the label and age will be taken into account when judging.

5. Entries for all sections, except Horticulture, close on Friday 10th July, Horticulture Classes on Friday 17th July; late entries will not be accepted.

6. In all classes in this schedule exhibitors are limited to two entries per class with the exception of Stick and Crook classes, school and group entries.

7. An exhibitors pass will be supplied when entry fees total £3.00 or more.

8. All exhibits must be staged by 9.45 am on Show Day and exhibitors to leave the marquee by this time.

9. Staging Times: Home Industries and Junior Marquee: Anyone may deliver exhibits between 4.00 pm and 8.00 pm Tuesday, 8.00 am to 9.45 am Wednesday.

10. Staging Times: Home Produce and Horticultural Marquee: 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm Tuesday, 7.00 am to 9.45 am Wednesday.

11. In the Home Industries section only exhibitors from outside Furness may send their exhibits in advance to the Marquee Secretary to arrive no later than Friday 15th July 2011. If a parcel is to be returned by post, a stamped addressed label must be enclosed.

12. In awarding prizes in the Home Industries section originality, cleanliness, suitability of materials, pattern and stitch are considered.

13. The judge’s decision as to the quality of an exhibit and the award it merits is considered final.

14. If you would like your exhibit labels posting to you please enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your entries.

15. The committee will take the greatest care of all exhibits, but it is a condition of entry they are not held responsible for loss or damage.

16. The marquees will be closed to the public at 4.00 pm after which time exhibits may be removed.

17. Please Note:‐ All prize money to be collected from the steward in the appropriate marquee at 4.00 pm. Prize money NOT collected will be forfeited.

18. No exhibits may be removed before 4.00 pm.