Judges: Soft Feather, Hard Feather TBC

Large Fowl

1. Old English Game Any Other Colour Male

2. Old English Game Any Other Colour Female

3. AV Light Breed Male or Female

4. AV Heavy Breed Male or Female

5. Any Colour Silkie Male or Female

6. Crossbred Hen for Laying Purposes, Hen or Bantam Old English Game Bantams


Old English Game Bantams

7. Black Red Male/Clay or Wheaten Female

8. Spangle Male or Female

9. Black or Blue Male or Female

10. Dark Red/Partridge Male or Female

11. Any Colour Male

12.Any colour Female

13. Any Colour Male Bred 2015

14. Any Colour Female Bred 2015

15. Breeding Pair, Any Variety

16. Any Colour Modern Male

17. Any Colour Modern Female


Variety Bantams

18. White Wyandotte Male or Female

19. Black Wyandotte Male or Female

20. Any Other Colour Wyandotte Male or Female

21. Australorp Male or Female

22. AC Sussex Male or Female

23. RIR Male or Female

24. AC Rock Male or Female

25. Ancona Male or Female

26. AC Leghorn Male or Female

27. Any Other Variety Male or Female

28. True Bantam Male or Female

29. AC Pekin Male or Female

30. AV Bred 2015 Male

31. AV Bred 2015 Female

Children’s Classes

32. Old English Game Bantam Male or Female

33. Variety Bantam Male or Female

34. AV Bred 2015 Male or Female



35. Best Drake, Any Variety

36. Best Duck, Any Variety




37. 3 Large Brown

38. 3 Large Any Other Colour

39. Large Supreme

40. 1 Large Contents

41. 3 Bantam Brown

42. 3 Bantam Any Other Colour

43. 1 Bantam Contents

44. Bantam Supreme

45. 4 Duck Eggs

46. 6 Eggs Any Colour


Perpetual Trophies

P1 Best in Show
Presented by Mr & Mrs Barry

P2 North Lonsdale Agricultural Society Rose Bowl
Presented by Mrs. L. Dawson
Best opposite sex to the best in Show

P3 Best Modern Game Male or Female

P4 NLAS Tankard
Presented by Mr. G. Shaw
Best Soft Feather

P5 BOCM Pauls Award
Best Hard Feather

P6 NLAS Trophy
Presented by Mr. J. Moorhouse
Best Under 16s Entry

Presented by Mr. W. S. Towers
Best Waterfowl

P8 Best True Bantam Trophy
Presented by Mr. B. Carlos

P9 Perpetual Silver Challenge Trophy
Best Eggs

P10 Whitehaven Patriotic Poultry Show Cup
Presented by Mr D Dalton
Best Old English Game

P11 Perpetual Silver Challenge Cup
Presented by Mr & Mrs L Chorley
Best bantam Rock

P12 Plaque for Best O.E.G Male
Presented by Lewis Barnes

P13 Plaque for Best O.E.G Female
Presented by Lewis Barnes

P14 Tankard for Best Juvenile
Presented by Lewis Barnes
Best Juvenile

P15 North Lonsdale Show Tankard
Presented by Mr G C Taylor
Most points in the Egg classes