Home Made Wine and Beer

Judge Mr W Benson

1. All wine must be exhibited in clear glass punted Bordeaux bottles of about 26 fluid ounces capacity except Class 96 which may be in 13 fluid ounce bottles
2. Only flanged cork or cork with plastic flange stoppers are permitted
3. Bottles to be filled within ½” to ¾” of the bottom of the cork. No foil or other capsules to be fitted
4. Entries to all classes are limited to two bottles per class per person
5. All entries must be made by the exhibitor using the natural fermentation process except in Class 96 liqueur which may be fortified.
6. Beer must be exhibited in brown glass beer bottles, of 1 pint (568ml) or 500ml capacity, without distinguishing or commercial marks (bottle manufacturer’s marks near the base or at the shoulders will be ignored), filled to leave airspace between ½ -1 inch (15-25mm). Bottles must be sealed with gold coloured crown seals.

Class 92 One bottle dry red home-made wine
Class 93 One bottle sweet red home-made wine
Class 94 One bottle dry white home-made wine
Class 95 One bottle sweet white home-made wine
Class 96 One bottle of liqueur home-made

Class 97 LAGER: Original gravity (O.G.) should be from 35-45. The beer should be of a light golden colour and the bouquet a delicate blend of hops, malt and DMS (dimethyl sulphide). The flavour should be dry, clean and refreshing, light in malt and hops. Alcohol normally ranges from 3.5-4.8%.

Class 98 PALE ALE or BOTTLED BITTER: Original gravity should be from 40-50and the colour from golden to deep copper. The aroma of hops in the bouquet should lead to those of malt and grain. The flavour should be full, malty and grainy with a hoppy bitter farewell and perhaps a little sweetness from residua dextrins. Alcohol content 4-5.3%.

Class 99 INDIA PALE ALE (IPA): This full bodied premium bitter has an O.G. of
50-60 and a rich golden to deep copper colour. The bouquet should
be hoppy and grainy. The flavour should be full malty and grainy
with a predominant hop and clean bitter farewell. There should be
a little residual sweetness to balance the hop. Alcohol 5-6.5%.

Class 100 DRY STOUT: This beer has an O.G. of 45-50 and an alcohol content of 4.5-5.0%.The bouquet should be that of roasted grain with a flavour of roasted grains full and dry with a long hard bitter finish. The colour is almost black.

Class 101 PORTER: This beer has an O.G. of 60-70 and an alcohol content of 5.5-7%. With a colour of dark brown to black, with a predominance
of brown and chocolate malts on the bouquet and in the flavour, the flavour should also be full, with some residual sweetness to balance the hop and roast grains.

Trophy M14 Perpetual Challenge Trophy
Presented by the Furness Wine Guild
Exhibitor gaining the most points in Classes 92 to 96