Exhibitors 11 Years and Under

Judge Mrs K Turner

Class 35 A computer generated poster not to exceed A4 advertising a concert
Class 36 Painting
Class 37 Black and white drawing
Class 38 Coloured picture or design in any media except paint
Class 39 A model in Lego
Class 40 A decorated plant pot
Class 41 A collection of garden flowers and foilage in a jam jar
Class 42 Any other craft
Class 43 A length of hand made bunting (any media)

Judge TBC

Class 44 Animal friends Colour print not exceeding 5” x 7”

Judge Mrs S Wilson
Class 45 4 pieces no bake tray bake
Class 46 Jelly in a plastic pint glass
Class 47 One decorated gingerbread person to be judged on appearance
Class 48 4 decorated cup cakes to be judged on appearance

Trophy M5 The Lillian Tyson Trophy
Exhibitor gaining most points in Classes 35 to 48